Flyers and Newspapers

Flyers and Newspaper Activities
1. Compare the prices of similar/same items in different grocery store's flyers. Make a chart and fill out the chart. Calculate the savings for the set amount. For more difficulty calculate the savings for a certain teacher given amount (using times).
2. Sort a large mass of flyers into similar flyers.
3. Find the cheapest lap top. Find the cheapest TV. etc.
4. Find the most expensive lap top. Find the most expensive TV, etc. Calculate the difference in price. The price range.
5. List electronics vocabulary words
6. List computer vocabulary words.
7. List phone vocabulary words.
8. List fruit/veggie vocab words. A is orange/blue/yellow (colour).
9. Find the dates of the flyers. List stores and date.
10. Cut out pictures of 8 items and glue and label in your notebook.

Stories (25m): Khadija’s snake story. Now Gatkuoth’s lion