Numeracy for Adults (online)

1. Teaching Math to Adults - book by Kate Nonesuch

2. Kate Nonesuch blog

3. Numeracy for Adult Literacy Learners (Lori Herod, 2000)

4. Learning for Life: An ESL Literacy Curriculum Framework - Appendix A Recommendations for Integrating Numeracy. Bow Valley College, 2011

5. Example that Literacy is an "Essential Skill" according to HRSDC and WEM (Workplace Education Manitoba)

6. Numeracy Self-Assessment:

7. Numeracy Indicator a Guide for Employers:

8. Trades Math Workbook

9. Everyday math skills workbooks series. (online)
Yellowknife, NWT: Northwest Territories Literacy Council, 2009. Available in the library and online.
» Created to help adult learners recognize that math is used everyday – in the workplace, at home and in our personal lives. The workbooks have a variety of topics and worksheets, and help learners with different math operations needed for this series. Designed for adults to use on their own or with others. These resources are written for northern and Aboriginal communities but are also appropriate for Community and Family Settings. Titles include:
• Home math
• Kitchen math workbook
• Money math workbook
• Simply math workbook

10. Family Math Workbook (by Kate Nonesuch)

8. List of Adult Literacy Resources (most of above comes from here)

NUMERACY TOPICS FOR ESL (some websites included)