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General ESL Websites (grammar practice) (grammar practice) (Mavis Harper’s Website aligned with CLBs) (U Vic) (BBC)

Typing Website

Listening Websites
Listening (Radio) Websites
Reading Websites
Writing Websites


Word Game (For a website that shows you how many words you can make from the letters of one word)
[[ ]] a website with a ton of word games and interesting things click on:
Translation Website
Citizenship Test Practice
Newcomers to Canada (housing) (educational services for immigrants and youth)
Ideas on how to Use Newspapers

Spelling Websites
Idiom Websites
Dictionary in Your Language
To Practice Hand Writing for Literacy Students
Job Links for ESL Teachers
1. This website allows you to access a directory of service providers that consequently gives you access to everyone you should be able to send your resume to in Calgary. Click here:
Mainly for James:
1. YWCA teachers website: